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How to successfully market your holiday rental on websites & social media

Marketing your holiday rental on social media has never been so important. Reports suggest that the average person will spend approximately two hours on social media everyday, which translates to a total of around 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime. This is only expected to increase as platforms develop further.

If you market your holiday rental on various websites and social media accounts then it is important that you update them all regularly. Potential holiday makers will often research more than one website to establish that you are a legitimate business before they feel confident to book your holiday home. You should ensure that your content is relevant but most importantly that the photographs you present are not only representative but eye-catching - for the right reasons. So many people post images of their holiday homes that have sloping walls, blown-out windows, small parts of rooms, forget to put lights and lamps on, all of which result in dark, unappealing photographs of somewhere you wouldn't want to visit even if the owner paid you! You have to give a fantastic first impression with photographs that show your holiday home at its best in order to win the attention of the viewer. Professional photographs will stop the potential customer from continuing to scroll through the many other listings, and encourage them to click on your holiday home.

Below are some examples of typical owner photography that you will see online.

Here are the professional property photographs taken by Impact Photography.

the shower room is quite small and therefore difficult to shoot, however using a monopod and a remote shutter release it was possible to capture sufficient to portray a classic, clean, white shower room.

The following photograph was taken using elevated photography, which allowed both areas of the terraced garden to be included in the image.

Elevated photography was used again to capture the beautiful view from the top terrace. By using the telescopic pole we were able to avoid including the neighbours gardens and instead focus the viewers attention on the estuary view.

I hope you agree that the professional property photographs depict a far more desirable property and would certainly catch a potential customers eye, proving that they are worth the relatively very small investment that will result in additional bookings for your holiday rental business.

To enquire about getting your holiday rental photographed please us the form on our contact page or telephone Nicole on 07828 569536 or email

If you would like information on how to present your holiday rental ready to be photographed then it's worth reading our article 'How to Present Your Property for Professional Photography' for some useful tips.


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