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Interior Photographer & Property Photographer

Nicole Little BA (Hons)

As a teenager I was always ‘re-designing’ my bedroom; lumping furniture around, carefully placing plants, books, photographs, etc,

in new places to freshen things up and then having a big reveal for my parents! 


Fast forward to adulthood...!


In my twenties I worked in sales and marketing, and in my spare time I achieved a Diploma in Interior Design.  In my thirties I embarked upon an Art & Design degree, and it was in my first year that I realised a new passion - photography.  Muddled in during my twenties and thirties I married my lovely husband, had two babies, started an online interiors company, renovated investment properties, moved house more times than I care to remember and indulged in my love of all things property and interior design.


It was whilst I was on a family holiday in 2016 that the penny dropped, and I realised that I could combine my love of all things interiors, property, and photography by starting a photography business centred around these three passions, and so Impact Photography was created.

As a photographer I take time to understand each client's requirements.  I strive to produce beautiful, dynamic, eye-catching images that will evoke emotions and desires.  Professional photographs will help to showcase and elevate brands, products and services; resulting in a higher level of engagement.  


So, whatever your connection with interiors, interior products or property, please get in touch to discuss the benefits of professional photography and how outstanding images are a great return on your investment that will help raise your profile and your client base.


I look forward to chatting through your ideas.



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