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How to present a property for professional property photography

Professional property photography is essential when selling your home. If you have worked hard getting your house up together to go on the market then why wouldn't you get the best photographs possible to show it off and make it stand out on property websites.

If you're not sure about what to do to get your home ready for sale then here's some tips that will help you make those all important decisions about where to spend your time (and perhaps some money) to get your home ready to go on the market and impress those potential buyers with the fantastic photographs your property photographer will be able to achieve

KERB APPEAL - The outside of your home is usually the first thing prospective buyers see, whether it is online, in the estate agents printed details or when they drive by and see your 'For Sale' board. Therefore make sure you present the outside well by tidying it up, moving unsightly bins, mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, door step and front door - first impressions count.

INSIDE - De-clutter, put things away, consider neutralising any strong wall colours, complete any DIY jobs and dust and clean everything really well - especially the kitchen and bathroom. If you need to move some furniture out of rooms in to the garage or a storage facility to make your home seem less like it's bursting at the seams then do so. Then have a look at some of the photographs in our portfolio section and have a think about how best to 'stage' your home. You want to create the impression of a wonderful living space that functions well. Make sure beds are made carefully and add any throws or cushions if you have them. Fluff up the living room cushions and maybe add some flowers Open the curtains and make sure they look tidy and the windows are clean, turn on the ceiling lights and any lamps (make sure you replace any old bulbs). In the kitchen you should clear the surfaces by putting as much away in the cupboards as possible, you want to create a feeling of space. Make sure the kitchen sink, taps, hob, tiles and floor are all sparkling clean. You could also place some fresh flowers in a vase and put fresh fruit in a bowl, both of these add little pops of colour to a kitchen.

Remember if you present your property at it's best then it will attract prospective buyers and inevitably sell quicker so it's worth the effort in order to get the 'Sold' sign up fast!

Should you instruct Impact Photography to take your professional property photographs then we will provide you with a detailed list of how to prepare you home ready for photographing. We also offer a Home Staging Service to help you get photo-ready, please contact us or see our pricing page for further details.

Good luck!


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