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How to get from 'average' to 'outstanding' property presentation

Simple tips to help you perfect your property presentation and won't cost you a penny to implement.

Your home is most probably your biggest asset, so when it comes to selling it you will want to get every penny you can so that you can move on to your next adventure.

When preparing your home for the photography shoot you need to make sure it is very clean, very tidy, and very well presented so that your professional photographer can achieve the very best photographs.

Remember, the photographs are your key tool when marketing your property. Prospective buyers will decide whether they like your home within seconds of seeing the first photograph, so it is important that you capture their interest immediately.

So how do you prepare a home for a professional photography shoot? Well, it's not all about stripping everything out and ending up with a cold, emotionless, empty box. It's about creating a carefully staged and homely environment that viewers will engage with, feel relaxed in, and aspire to live in.

Think about how property developers stage their show homes, even better, go and visit some show homes or look at websites such as Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration and ideas.

Here are some finishing touches for bedrooms that won't cost you a penny and that can take your property presentation from average to outstanding in a matter of minutes..

The photograph below demonstrates how a bedroom is often presented for photographing.

This is a master bedroom and therefore a selling point of the property.

Yes it's a relatively tidy room, but it certainly doesn't have the 'wow' factor.

The next photograph shows how a few simple changes can make all the difference.

1. Duvet - straighten it and make sure it's level

2. Remote control - put it away

3. Cushions - plump them and place them carefully

4. Blind / curtains - make sure they are tidy and level

5. Paperwork / magazines - tidy away

6. Bedside table clutter - attracts attention and should be tidied away apart from a few carefully placed items

7. TV & stand - you might enjoy watching TV in bed but the room would probably photograph better without it. After the photographs have been taken you can put it back if you really want to!

8. Make sure anything stored under the bed is well hidden

9. Finally, turn the lights on.

I'm sure you'll agree that it is well worth a small amount of time to achieve a much better photograph. However, have a look at the following photograph and you'll see, with just a few more adjustments, how the room can look even better.

The only changes that have been made are: the TV has been removed and a mirror and a floor lamp have been added. A plant has been placed on the window ledge and finally some cushions have been put on the bed along with a throw.

These few finishing touches create a more luxurious atmosphere and therefore a much more eye catching photograph.

Making sure your professional photographs stand out from all the other property listings on Rightmove etc is likely to result in more viewings and therefore a faster sale.

If you instruct Impact Photography we will send you a complimentary comprehensive guide to help you present each room in your property to its best.

For more examples of beautifully presented rooms visit our Portfolio page.


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