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When is the best time of year to sell a house?

New year is often the time when people start to think about selling their home and it is important to understand how demand for property changes throughout the year. This knowledge can help you put your house on the market at the best time and increase your chance of selling quickly and achieving the asking price. However, you should make sure you complete all your DIY jobs before your ‘for sale’ board goes up; and of course when it is presented beautifully, regardless of how you choose to sell your home, you should make sure that it is professionally photographedso that it is marketed to potential buyers at its absolute best and therefore stands out from the competition.


Spring is a great time of year to put your property up for sale, as there are plenty of potential buyers in the market.

Gardens are in bloom, the days are longer and hopefully the weather is improving day by day. A home and lush garden bathed in sunlight is always more appealing!

Catchment areas for good schools are a great advantage when selling a property. If you live near a good school then now is the time that families will be looking to secure a home in the area, ready for the start of the next academic year


Late July/August can be a quieter time if you are selling a family home as this section of buyers is often away during the school holidays. If you are selling a family home then try and get it up for sale earlier in the year if possible.


The school holidays are now over and the market picks up once again.

Gardens still have plenty of colour, the days are still long and there should still be plenty of good weather around. However, don’t hang around getting your property on the market, as buyers will want to be in their new home for Christmas.


Winter months tend to be much quieter for selling property. The days are shorter, the weather less kind and gardens aren’t at their best. Perhaps get your home spruced up and ready to go on the market in the new year when you have swept up the last of the fallen leaves and perhaps planted some Snowdrops and Algerian Iris to add some life and colour to your garden.

Finally, be realistic about your home’s value, if you price it too high it will remain on the market for a long time and potentially result in you having to lower the asking price later in year. Conversely, a competitively priced house will attract multiple buyers and have them competing against each other, which in some cases can push the offers above your asking price. You can research prices of similar houses in your area. Rightmove lists actualsold prices and Zoopla offers a suggestedmarket price for your home, but be aware that this suggestedprice is not always accurate. It is a good idea to ask at least three local agents to value your home and ensure that they will market it on the leading property websites with photographs taken by a professional photographer. They should back up their suggested marketing price with evidence of other properties that have sold near you. Armed with all this knowledge not only will you will be able to get your house on the market at the right time of year, but also at the right price.

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